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Science Club

AHS has a very active science club!  If you are interested in joining, please see Mr. Campbell or Mrs. Cope.  We hope to see you there!

Science Fair Results 2014

William Bloss:

1st Alternate to the International Science Fair + $25

1st in Plant Sciences + $25

Ozark Gateway Audubon Society + $25


Crystal Millager:

 2nd in Behavioral & Social Sciences


Madison Miller:

3rd Place in Cellular, Molecular, & Microbiology

US Metric Association Award


Hailey Paulsen:

The Society for In Vitro Biology Award


Dylan Cullers:

3rd Place in Chemistry & Biochemistry


Katie Juracek:

1st Place in Chemistry & Biochemistry + $25

The American Psychological Association Award

US Air Force Award


Matt Roberts:

American Meteorological Society Award


Hayden Fisher:

1st in Earth & Environmental Sciences + $25

US Stockholm Junior Water Prize Award


Jacob Numbers:

2nd in Earth & Environmental Sciences


Dustin Wilson:

2nd in Human & Animal Sciences

Dental Care Center Award + $25


Rachel Parker:

3rd in Earth & Environmental Sciences


Timothy Swayne:

1st in Physics & Astronomy + $25


Logan Bader:

3rd in Physics & Astronomy

Freeman Health System Cardiology Award


Mrs. Shiveley:

Outstanding Sponsor Award